Atoll (Koh Larn) is located in the south of Thailand, 7 km from Pattaya, on the Gulf of Thailand. The island resembling paradise with its white beaches, turquoise sea, has a length of 4 km and a width of 2 km. The island, whose inhabitants have a thousand inhabitants, is one of the places where many tourists visit Pattaya and its surroundings, even for a day.

Mercan Island, which is used as a set in many movie scenes, is reached by ferryboats and boats from Pattaya. The island, which has eight separate beaches, is the most popular beaches on the west coast of the island. Attracting those who want to have a calm and peaceful holiday with its many accommodation facilities, Koh Larn has an atmosphere where time stops.

Koh Larn Island
Koh Larn Island

Pattaya Atoll

Koh larn (Atoll) is one of the eastern coastal islands of Thailand, one of the Southeast Asian countries. Located in the south of the country, 7.5 km from Pattaya, on the Gulf of Thailand, Atoll is a tourism destination in the region with its white fine-grained beaches, turquoise sea, tropical climate and impressive concept hotels.

The area of ​​the island, which is about four km long and two km wide, is 5.6 square kilometers. Along the southeast end of the Gulf of Thailand and east of Siam Bay, Mercan Island, the largest island of the nearby islands group, is reached by fast ferries and private boats departing from Pattaya.

After reaching the island, many of those who want to explore the island prefer to rent motorcycles. Those who do not want to use motorcycles use motorcycle taxis that operate all over the island. On the island, which is mostly covered with tropical forests, the thing that attracts tourists the most is the magnificent beaches.

On the island, which has a total of eight beaches, the best beaches are located on the western coast of the island. The most visited beach of the island is Tawaen Beach, located next to a small harbor. The beach, which has many restaurants, cafes and gift shops around, is a frequent destination for tourists both during the day and at night. Other prominent beaches on the island are Tonglang Beach, Tien Beach, Samae Beach and Naon Beach.

Atoll also hosts many alternative events for those who enjoy water sports. In addition to activities such as parasailing, banana boat, jet ski and diving, sea, sand, sun enjoyment will make you forget everything. There are also many people who want to serve massage, pedicure and manicure on the beaches of the island.

pattaya koh larn

Many holidaymakers come to the island from the surrounding cities, especially Bangkok, the capital of Thailand on weekends. While planning the visit to the candidate, you can consider this situation and try to come on weekdays if possible. If you came to Pattaya for a short term holiday, it is enough to spend 1 day on Koh Larn Island. There are many hotels on the island that appeal to different budgets. Do not forget to take your sun cream and hat with you.

Where is Pattaya Koh Larn Island

How to get to Koh Larn Island

You can reach Koh Larn Island (Atoll) from Pattaya by ferries or fast boats. At the end of Pattaya Walking Street, it is possible to reach the island by boats or fast boats departing from the Bali Hai pier opposite the Mixx Disco. Boat services start at 08:00 in the morning and continue every hour until 15:00.

The last boat trip from the island to Pattaya is at 18.00. For boats with the cheapest form of transportation, you need to pay 30 Baht per person per way. The journey time to Pattaya-Atoll is approximately 40 minutes.

The cost of fast ferries between Pattaya and Atoll ranges from 1,500 to 2,500 Baht. It can provide paid transfer, private transfer. For those who will go from Pattaya to Koh Larn as a group, these 15-20 minutes fast boat rides can be suitable for saving time and fast boat experience.

It is possible to reach the island with fast pipes. If you use sharing with other people from Bali Hai pier, you have to pay 400 Baht per person round-trip. If you want to rent privately, you have to review a fee between 2,500 and 6,000 Baht depending on the size of the boots. The journey time is about 15 minutes.

Pattaya Atoll
Pattaya Atoll

If you want to go directly to Samae Beach from Pattaya, there are only boats that serve this beach. The round trip is 150 Baht and the journey time is approximately 50 minutes. You can also go to other beaches by renting motorcycles or using tuksu. The tuk-tuk fee is 40 Baht. Motorcycle rents start from 200 Baht.

Located in the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya offers unforgettable holiday opportunities with its tropical climate and relax atmosphere. It has a warm and dry climate from November to February and is the best time for vacation. While it has a hot and humid climate between March and May, it is rainy between June and October. However, the rains are short.

Pattaya is a city in the far east country of Chonburi province of Thailand. It is located approximately 140 km south of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. You can go to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Turkish Airlines, directly by Emirates, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines. It is useful to follow the flight ticket campaigns at least 5-6 months in advance.

One of the most impressive stops of the Gulf of Thailand Atoll (Koh Larn) is an ideal choice to take a vacation of sea, sand, sun and to avoid stress and everyday hustle on a unique island where time stops.