Avsa IslandIs one of the three major islands in the region, along with Marmara Island and Paşalimanı Island in Balıkesir, southwest of the Sea of ​​Marmara. It is more touristic and crowded compared to Marmara Island, especially during holiday periods. Welcoming thousands of holidaymakers every year thanks to its proximity to Istanbul, Avşa turns into a lively place in the summer with ferry services from the surrounding big cities.

In addition to the wine grapes, the clear sea and the beautiful beaches, Avşa offers many water sports activities and is very suitable for bicycle tours and nature walks with its geographical structure. Offering many alternatives to holidaymakers such as nature and water sports, hunting, social activities, Avşa's touristic facilities offer different accommodation options for visitors.

Places to visit in Avsa

Avşa Island, which is one of the extensions of Kapidağı Peninsula on the Marmara Sea in the southwest of the Marmara Sea, is a settlement in the Marmara district of Balıkesir. The island, where Greeks, Arabs and later Turks settled throughout history, has hosted numerous civilizations since the ancient Stone Age.

Avşa Island, which gives life to its unique wines with island grape, is one of the holiday centers of Marmara Region that has shined in the last years. The quiet and calm atmosphere, natural beauties, clean air and historical points of Avşa, which does not succumb to the consumption culture because of the island, enchants those who want to get away from the big cities and have a peaceful holiday.

Avşa Island, which is the most developed island of the Marmara Region as a settlement, is a holiday center where you can enjoy 24 hours a day in bars and discos, while enjoying the golden yellow beach of the deep blue sea during the day. A nice escape route just 3 hours from Istanbul.

Its population is around 3 thousand in winter, but in summer it exceeds 100 thousand in July-August period. During the holiday season, small hotel management is very common in Avsa, which is always crowded, but before you go, see where you will stay in the hostel or apartment beforehand.

Since most of the good places will be full during the weekend and summer holidays with intense interest, you may have to stay in relatively bad, home-worn homestays. I recommend you to check the TripAdvisor reviews of the hotel you will be staying at. Tourism professionalism of the Mediterranean region has not come to the island yet.

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As Turkey is a place where many developing serious problems with cleaning and garbage. Most businesses are sloppy. Most employees are inexperienced and unable to show guests the necessary attention and level in behavior. Family-run Cafe Tarçın, located on the left of the pier you have landed, is good.

Avsa island
Avsa Beach, Avsa Island

There are many things in Avşa Island, many of them are beautiful. Altınkum Beach in Çınar Bay, Mavi Bay, Kumburnu, Değirmen and Yiğitler Village is one of the first places to visit and see on Avşa Island. The ruins of monasteries and chapels must be seen in the Monastery Location. If you like to dive, you can see the Byzantine and Greek ruins 4 meters deep in the Monastery Location.

You can taste wine made from the grapes of Ada Karası at Bortaçina and Buyukbag wine factories, enjoy the sea and the sun on the golden beaches surrounding the island in Avsa, and leave yourself to the entertainment at the bars, cafes, restaurants and discos lined up from the beach to the other.

Some bays can get a lot of wind, if you have a car, hang out when you visit alternative bays. In the same way, do not expect perfection on the beaches, I hope that much better facilities will be opened over time. The gas station is annoyance on the island.

You can rent a bike or electric motor and tour the island for 3-4 hours by visiting. The sunsets in Avşa are amazing, at this time, not on the inside, but on the beach and enjoy the moment. Blues, pinks and purples paint the sea of ​​Marmara. Take your drink and enjoy the moment on the beach.

Avşa Adası Places to visit

1. Yiğitler Village

Avşa Yigitler Village

Yiğitler VillageIt is located on the east coast of Avsa Island, 5 minutes from the island center. The village, whose old name was Arabs in the period when Arabs were placed in Avşa Island, hosted Greeks and Thracian Turks who lived in the following years.

Village people are dealing with works such as winemaking, fishing and stoning today. The beach is cleaned every year by the municipality and is cleaned occasionally during the season. Yiğitler Beach does not charge beach fees, except for the area reserved by several hotels.

When you enter the sea from the beach, it is like a moss field under water from about 20 meters beyond. Sunbeds and umbrella prices are generally reasonable. There are many eating places, hotels, pensions and cafes along the beach. On the beach, the vendors wander and sell raw pies, raw meatballs, bite-like things.

It is possible to reach Yiğitler Village, which is the most touristic point of the island with its center and 2 km from the center, by minibuses in a short time. There are also facilities in Yiğitler Village where there are sea taxi services from Erdek, which take their guests from the central pier and leave them to the central pier.

2. Altinkum Beach

Avsa Island beaches

Altinkum Beachı is the most popular region of Avşa Island. You can also go to the beach, which can be reached in 15 minutes by minibus from the island center, by bicycle via Yiğitler Village, which is within walking distance. There are three beaches and a restaurant in Altinkum, which takes its name from the shining golden sand.

Altınkum, where Avşa's famous Şahin Hill is also preferred by families with children due to its shallow sea. There are many hotel and accommodation options around Altinkum Beach. While coming to Altinkum, taste the homemade meatballs, calamari and mussels at the Şahintepesi Restaurant, located next to the historical rocks with its unique view.

3. Çınar Bay

Avsa island sycamore cove

Cinar BayIt is the biggest bay of the island, located on the southwestern coast of Avşa. The bay takes its name from the historical plane trees that have grown here and have been standing for more than a century. Since the tourism started on the island, it has been the favorite of the island with its natural environment.

The beach of Çınar Bay, which is a quiet, calm and peaceful region, is also clear and clean. It has a beautiful stone-free beach, you witness crystal clearness in the sun. In Çınar Bay, you can enjoy a unique view from the sea and you can increase your sea pleasure by jumping from small piers located in the bay.

Ayanya Beach club is a place you can go in terms of both space and sunbed quality. Prices are also reasonable. You can reach Çınar Bay by minibuses departing from the center of Avşa every hour and with reciprocal flights until 20:00 in the evening.

4. Karadut Bay

Karadut Bay

Karadut Bayis named after the mulberry trees around it. The bay, which can be reached by minibuses from the center of Avşa, has a very sweet shallow sea and 2 separate beaches, a source of sweet drinking water that the Avşalı people liked and filled with a fountain.

This uniquely beautiful beach, with its lush nature and untouched structure, has an environment where you can find peace and has a shallow beach just under a rural area. The bay of the sea, which is a place where children and non-swimmers can swim safely, is also calm. However, the sea is a bit more mossy than other coves.

5. Kumtur Beach

The most beautiful places in Avsa

Kumtur BeachCompared to other bays of Avşa Island, it is a quieter and calmer place. Kumtur, which is preferred by people who do not like crowd and want to have a peaceful holiday, cannot be reached by public transportation. However, you can get on the Cinar Bay minibuses and get off the main road without leaving the Cinar.

Although the beach is slightly wavy, it has a clear and clean sea. On the other hand, the bay, whose depth varies regionally, is not very safe for families with children. There are no businesses, cafes or restaurants in the bay.

6. Women's Beach

Women's Beachis one of the virgin bays of the island. The Ladies Beach, which can be reached by dolmuses going from the center of Avşa to Yiğitler Village and located 5 minutes after passing Yiğitler Village, is a quiet and peaceful area.

Entrance to Ladies Beach, which is a beach where its surroundings are naturally closed and accessible only by women, is free. Its sea is shallow and clean, it is also safe for children. The beach can be reached within a 15-minute walk from Yiğitler Village.

7. Tavsanli Beach

Tavsanli Beach

Tavsanli BeachOne of the virgin bays in the southern part of Avşa island. The beach, which can be reached by minibuses from the area where the city hall is located, is very suitable for families with children with its shallow sea and fine sand. Two people sunbeds and umbrella rental is 30TL.

When you pass Altınkum Beach, the beach you will see is in a rural structure that merges with the beach just above the beach. It is neither too crowded nor too calm. There is also a restaurant just above a light ledge that divides the beach into two and adds beauty to the beach with this feature.

8. Monastery

MonasteryIs located in Türkeli Village of Avşa Island. It is possible to reach Hagios Georgos Monastery, which was built in 1628 by 2 priests of Leonidas and Siemonis, from Iskele Square in half an hour and 5 minutes by taxi.

In addition to the monastery built with granite stones peculiar to the island, you can visit the oldest historical settlements of Avşa, Yiğitler, Türkeli and Manastır, where you can see the Greek and Byzantine influence and the Virgin Mary Monastery.

9. Beyazsaray Bay

Beyazsaray Bay

Beyazsaray Baytakes its name from the oldest and most luxurious hotel of the island, Beyazsaray Hotel. The bay is located approximately 3 km from the center of the island after Manastır Bay. The sea is crystal clear and very clean, although the sand grains on the beach are a bit large, it is not disturbing.

10. Blue Cove

Blue BayIt is located in the northern part of Avşa Island. Mavi Bay, which is one of the most peaceful places on the island with its crystal clear sea, clean air and bright sun always shining, has an atmosphere where you can listen to the sounds of moonlight and nature when it gets dark.

Mavi Bay, where you can eat in its stylish restaurants lined up around the bay, is quiet and peaceful every time as a less preferred place for holidaymakers coming to Avşa compared to the center of the island.

11. Marmara Island

Places to visit in Avsa Island

Marmara IslandIt is located in the southwest of the Marmara Sea and in the north of Avşa Island. Marmara Islands, the islands, the largest and Balıkesir is a district center, he also carries the title of Turkey's second largest island after island of Gokceada.

Regular ship trips are made from Tekirdağ, Yenikapı and Avşa Island to Marmara Island, which is 1 hour and 45 minutes away by boat from Erdek. Marmara Island, which has many beaches and virgin bays, has boutique pensions and villages with local production. Gündoğdu, Çınarlı, Saraylar, Topağaç and Asmalı villages are worth seeing.

Asmalı Village, where old wooden Greek houses are located, is a few steps ahead in tourism compared to other villages in Marmara Island villages. You can buy local products such as olive oil and wine from the cute gift shops of the island, and taste delicious seafood in its restaurants.

How to get to Avşa Island

It is possible to reach Avşa Island with Istanbul Sea Buses (İDO), Balıkesir Sea Buses (BADO), Bursa Sea Buses (BUDO), and the sea transportation company GESTAŞ of Çanakkale Special Provincial Administration. The island is accessible by ferry services from Balıkesir's Erdek district, Tekirdağ, Istanbul Bostancı and Yenikapı.

The closest airport to Avşa is Sabiha Gökçen Airport, located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Istanbul Airport is another airport that can be preferred in Avşa trip due to its location to Tekirdağ, Yenikapı and Bostancı ferry piers. It is necessary to go to Erdek, Bostancı, Yenikapı and Tekirdağ piers where sea bus services are made from both airports.

The closest ferry port for those coming from İzmir to Avşa Island is in Erdek. You can reach Erdek as a result of a journey that takes about 20 minutes and takes 18 minutes to get to Bandırma, which is 280 km away from Izmir, and without going down to the city center, returning to Erdek road. How to get to Avşa Island I shared detailed information in my blog post.

The closest ferry port for transportation from Ankara to Avşa Island is in Erdek district of Balıkesir. You can reach Avsa Island via Eskişehir-Bilecik-Bursa after a 2-hour ferry journey after arriving in Erdek with a 9-hour land journey. Pay attention to ferry times alone, the ferry stops at Marmara and Ekinlik islands and goes to Avşa in about 3.5 hours. There is a ferry departing from Erdek at 09.00, the last time is at 16.45.

If you are thinking of coming to Avşa Island by bus, you can get to Avşa by sea journey by going down to the port with the bus companies coming directly to Erdek and going to the port from there. Or, depending on your location, you can reach the Erdek district of Balıkesir, Tekirdağ, İstanbul Bostancı and Yenikapı by bus and use ferries from these points.

It is connected to Balıkesir, which stands out with its sun, sand and sea tourism in Marmara Sea. Avsa Islandvisitors are flocked especially on weekends. Avşa is ideal for getting away from big city life with its peaceful villages, virgin bays, boutique hotels and pleasant places.