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sırt çantası hazırlama

How to Prepare and Place a Backpack

Traveling with a small backpack ensures easy and flexible movement at all times. When traveling by bus, the bag can be easily placed between the feet or under the seat. It can even be used as a pillow under the head during train journeys. It provides convenience in motorcycle rentals or moto taxis. Perhaps there …

Bari nerede

Where is Bari – How to Get to Bari

Known as 'the heel of the boot' in Italy At leastis a corner from heaven with its exquisite architecture, its coastline, its kilometers-long beaches, historical towns, authentic dishes, olive oil, wine grapes and vineyards. Bari, which is the port city where the crusaders who took part in the Crusades, which changed the course of history …

thai masajı

Thai Massage: Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai MassageNot only is it healthy, it has an incredibly perfect relaxing feature. The history of Thai Massage, also known as Thai, Thai or Thai massage, goes back to 2,500 years ago. It is a therapy method that is used for massage, physical rest and meditation, whose basic structure is formed by Chinese traditional …