Fethiyeis one of the most beautiful addresses for those who want to get tired of the complexity of the city and leave themselves to the bosom of nature and the sea. Fethiye both sea and sandy beaches, a corner of paradise literally Turkey, as well as a place that makes itself dependent on the nature of man.

For those who ask for an address for a holiday in the country, I recommend Fethiye, whose name best matches the concept of vacation. Those who wish Kabak Bay, those who wish Butterfly Valley, Ölüdeniz, Belcegız or Faralya. Fethiye promises a pleasant holiday that can make people happy and offer diversity, whichever you go.

Fethiye travel guide

I cannot praise Fethiye's blue flag beaches and azure waters. Wherever you look, there are bays, beaches, islands and nature that amaze you. There are many alternatives in this geography for those who want to get away from the noise and stress of the city and want a wonderful retreat by the sea.

Fethiye Travel Guide

Fethiye is built on the ancient city of Telmessos, which is one of the rare places where the settlement continues without interruption since it was established on the Mediterranean coast. The city was named after the son of the god Apollo, Poet Telmessos. It became an art-culture and economy center between Caria and Lycia.

He lived independently in different periods, joined the troops and was invaded. He joined the Attica-Delos Naval Union, which was formed among the Greek city states in the past, and was transferred to the Lycian League by the Lycian King Limyrian Pericles.

It has become an important commercial city where the seaways connecting Anatolia to the Mediterranean, the islands of Rhodes and Crete to the coasts of Egypt and western Europe. A few earthquakes recovered, but the 8.2 magnitude earthquake that hit in 1856 destroyed the city, and all its early ruins were poured into the sea.

In history, the name Anastasipolis later turned into Meğri. It was named Fethiye in 1934 in memory of one of the first pilots of the Ottoman Empire, Fethi Bey, the first aviation martyr in the history of Turkish aviation, with his plane crashing near Damascus on March 3, 1914.

Very few of its remains have survived to the present day. The traces of a small theater of 5000 people, which are thought to belong to the Hellenistic Period, are not seen. The theater, which is understood to have been used as an arena during the Byzantine period, is now suitable for use by 1500 people.

Today, the castle, which is seen at the top of the slope where the city center of Fethiye was established, is from the Knights of Genoese and Rhodes in the 15th century. Amyntas Rock Tombs are the most important among the rock tombs carved into the slopes. Both sides of the cover are decorated with frescoes depicting the wars in which scenes from the person's life are animated.

The regions you will choose as accommodation in Fethiye may change according to your expectation. If you want a lively night life, stay in Hisarönü or Ölüdeniz. If you want to stay in a virgin place, Faralya, Kabak Bay is the most beautiful. Butterfly Valley may be suitable if you say I stay in a tent. Calis region is the most beautiful if you want to go from where I am.

Fethiye Places to visit

I wrote important places in the district center and right next to the list of places to visit in Fethiye. When you go 100 km by taking the center of Fethiye, you have so many places to see that you have to spend at least 2 weeks to see them all.

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➤ Fethiye-Kaş Places to Visit blog spelling is a travel guide for those who travel the Mediterranean geography by car.

1. Fethiye Bazaar

fethiye center

Oludeniz and Hisaronu come to mind when it comes to Fethiye holiday. Most people leave without visiting the center of Fethiye. However, Fethiye deserves to be visited in the center. Revealing the historical spirit of the bazaar with its authentic wooden houses. PaspaturStroll through the streets of.

Fethiye Old Town (Paspatur Old Town) is the area of ​​Paspatur Bazaar, the old settlement of Fethiye. In Paspatur Bazaar, where charming houses with wooden bay windows have been restored in accordance with the original, there are historical buildings from the Ottoman period to the present. It is located in the 18th century Old Mosque and the Fethiye Bath, which still serves today.

Umbrella Street is also very nice. You can take a long walk in Kordon during sunset hours. In the evening, you can have a delicious and affordable seafood feast at the Fish Market. You can buy the fresh fish and seafood sold here by choosing and negotiating and eat them in small restaurants just around the state for cooking money. Calis Beach is a place that those who want to swim in the center of Fethiye will love.

Fethiye King Tombs are located in the center of Fethiye, 1.5 km from Fethiye Harbor. The rock-carved tombs dating back to the 4th century BC during the 4th century BC were built for people with high status. The graves made of rocks suitable for carving and processing consist of a two-storey, rectangular on the front, carved like wooden beams and a gothic arched cover.

The ruins of Telmessos, which was famous as a city of prophets in ancient times and was established in the area stretching from the slopes of the mountain where Fethiye rests its back to the bay, can be seen in the center. Fethiye Museum, although not very showy and well designed, can be added to the list of places to visit in the center of Fethiye.

Ⓘ You can choose your accommodation preference in Fethiye, Fethiye, Calis, Hisaronu, Oludeniz or Kabak locations. All Fethiye hotels and hostels are good enough to make guests happy and there are options for every budget. Fethiye hotels reservations otelleri.net/fethi to You can from the page 👍

2. Fethiye Peninsula

fethiye guide
fethiye karagözler
Fethiye Harbor, Karagözler, Fethiye

Fethiye Peninsula, surrounding the western part of the Fethiye harbor, where the city's best hotels and luxury sites are located. Karagözler It is an exquisite peninsula starting from the district and extending towards the bay, where blue and green cross each other. Turkey is well established in the beginning of the peninsula there is rarely such a city, I think.

Not just one or two bays, but every step is big, small, hidden or in mind, with dozens of pearls like plants or beach clubs. How many places are there in the world with pine forests where you can see blue, turquoise and emerald colors together?

The Fethiye Peninsula, called Oyuktepe, is only 6 kilometers away from the city center. The coves where people come from thousands of miles away are almost a stone's throw away. They have a great track for both cycling and hiking. You want to stop and take pictures at each bend. They are also great places to camp and spend time intertwined with nature.

The most beautiful Aksazlar, Samanlık, Kuleli, Aquarium, Turunc Spring and Beaded Bays on the peninsula. There are two large holiday villages in the peninsula. Tourists go to Ölüdeniz, Butterfly Valley and Kabak, while the people from Fethiye are also attached to this peninsula. The minibuses left from the center of Fethiye during the summer period make ring tours that run all over the bay.

3. Work

fethiye plays beach
Calis Beach

WorkThe name of the region located in the Gulf of Fethiye and 10 minutes away from the center. Çalış Beach, one of the longest beaches of Fethiye, lies in front of it. Behind the wide and sandy beach that is kilometers long, it hosts many hotels, summer houses, restaurants and gift shops.

This is a calm, calm and beautiful beach that goes on and on. Maybe its beach is not very attractive, but when you enter the warm waters of the Mediterranean, it is a place that refreshes people with a cool summer breeze coming from the sea even in the most muggy summer days.

On the beach, where there are toilets, showers, cabins, umbrellas and sun loungers, there are free beach facilities and cafes and restaurants along the beach. Since Çalış's beach is a little stony, you can take your sea shoes with you, if any. Calis Beach, which is calm and calm in the mornings, turns quite volatile in the afternoons. In the summer, water sports facilities are also many. Also ideal for families with children.

The walk along the beach in the evening is enjoyable. The sun setting over the Gulf of Fethiye paints the sky in every shade of red. The places along the beach are very lively at night. Live music and colorful atmosphere that mixes with the sounds of people coming down to the beach raises the energy of summer nights. If you come to Çalış in April-November, you can witness Caretta Carettas running towards the sea.

Calis is a holiday region where you can stay like Oludeniz, Hisaronu, Faralya. Whether rent a villa, hotel room or pension, apart as the address of every holiday suitable for everybody. It can be reached by bus from Fethiye town center in 10 minutes. Opposite the beach is Knight Island. The boats that are filled to the island at certain hours from Fethiye Port are moving.

Knight IslandIt is an island located in the north of Fethiye Harbor and named after the Knights of Rhodes in the region in the 15th century. On the island, which has a strategic importance since the ancient times with its location that can control the entrances to the harbor, you can see the castle used in the late Roman period and the ruins of the walls, houses, old cisterns and various mosaics of this castle. For transportation to the island, you can use the sea dolmies working regularly between 10.00 and 19.00.

4. Gemile Island

fethiye gemile bay
Gemile Island
aquarium dark fethiye
Aquarium Bay

Gemile IslandA bay with an exquisite view including ‘. Gemile Island (St. Nicholas Island) is an island that can be reached by boat from Ölüdeniz or Gemiler Bay. The island was one of the places that Christians visited in Anatolia while going to Jerusalem for pilgrimage.

There is no settlement since it is a protected area. There are 11 basilica-type churches, many chapels, houses, warehouses, tombs and cisterns belonging to the Byzantine period on the island, which is today a ruin. The island, which is 9 km away from Fethiye and frequented by blue cruise ships, is 1 meter long and 400 meters wide.

It is located in the west of Ölüdeniz on the back ridges of Kayaköy, about 1 km from Gemiler Beach. You should definitely watch this place where the boat trips from Fethiye stop by on the hill on Kayaköy side. You can rent a bike from Kayaköy and go to this hill.

Aquarium BayAs far as I know, tour boats stop by. I went here on a private boat that I rented from Ölüdeniz. I was able to visit many coves in the vicinity, which are not visited by large boats. A bay close to Gemile Island but located on land. There is a restaurant, the prices were quite high. But the sea is surprisingly beautiful. One of Fethiye's 17 diving spots.

5. Kayaköy

fethiye kayakoy
fethiye guide kayakoy

When you go from Hisaronu to Fethiye, the road on the left goes down to Ölüdeniz, the road on the right is among the pines KayakoyGoing to. Kayaköy, with its narrow streets between pine, pomegranate and fig trees, houses on top of each other, churches, chapels and extraordinary views, is a newly understood region of Fethiye.

Kayakoyis a Greek settlement that was founded on the ancient Karmillassos, starting from the 14th century. Karaköy, formerly known as Levissi, is a region that integrates with the people of the five Turkish villages around it, on the concepts of friendship, brotherhood and peace. Houses in Karaköy, where the Turks in Western Thrace settled down with the population exchange in 1922, were built in such a way that they did not cut the sun of the other.

The village, which is located only 8 kilometers from Fethiye, offers unique views to individuals who love nature walks and history. It is developing rapidly with newly opened boutique hotels and venues. Go up the hill on the backs of Kayaköy and enjoy the view where both the village and the blue mix with the green.

6. Hisarönü and Ovacık

fethiye hisarönü

HisaronuIt is located in the pine forests on the Fethiye-Ölüdeniz highway. It has become one of the most important places in Fethiye to stay and have fun with its increasing popularity especially in recent years. Hisarönü's constantly blowing and damp air is good for asthma and heart patients.

It is preferred for its closeness to places such as Ölüdeniz, Ovacık and Belcekız and its pristine nature. Hisaronu is very active at night. In my opinion, this change in the last years eliminated the most important deficiency of Fethiye. Activities and entertainment that appeal to British tourists in general may also attract your attention.

Hundreds of bars, cafes, restaurants, shops selling clothes and souvenirs stretch along the streets. When it gets dark, entertainment lovers from many parts of Fethiye flow to Hisarönü. After 12, it becomes impossible to find a place in some places. If you are fond of night life, this is your address.

Hisarönü's neighbor Ovacik on the other hand, is one of the places that have been blown up in the development wind in recent years. Those who are close to the crowd of Hisarönü and do not want to be in it prefer this place. The minibus departing from Fethiye passes through Hisarönü to go to Ölüdeniz. Hisaronu is 13 km from Fethiye and just 50 km from Dalaman Airport.

7. Oludeniz

Oludeniz Beach
Oludeniz Town and Beach
Fethiye Oludeniz
Oludeniz Lagoon

For many local or foreign tourists, Fethiye is actually Oludeniz say. Fethiye Ölüdeniz Neighborhood attracts much more attention from holiday center for holidaymakers. Oludeniz is one of the most beautiful places in the world, it is also among the top 10 beaches in Europe. It is one of the regions you can choose for accommodation in Fethiye holiday. You can go to Ölüdeniz with a 20-minute journey by minibuses departing from the center of Fethiye.

Oludeniz Lagoonis a natural wonder that the ancient world describes as 'Paradise, Where God Donates to the World!' The water of Ölüdeniz, which looks like a natural lagoon with ten months of the year with its warm and stagnant water, remains clean throughout the year thanks to the sources gushing from the bottom and tides. The lagoon surrounded by pine trees and hills in Ölüdeniz, which was selected as the most beautiful beach in the world in 2006, is a protected area.

You can go to Ölüdeniz Lagoon in 10 minutes by walking from the beach. The blue and green and the red-purple color at sunset are also fascinating. The area covering Ölüdeniz Lagoon and Kıdrak Beach is today a SIT area and a special environmental protection area. Whether you enjoy the sea, spread your back to the warm sand and watch the blue sky among the pine trees, or go to the Lycian Way and witness the transformation of the sky blue to the red at sunset … Even if you do nothing, it makes you feel welcome.

Ölüdeniz Nature Park is open between 07.00-20.00 in the summer period (1 April – 1 October). Oludeniz entrance fee is 8TL for adults and 4TL for students. The Museum Card is not valid because it is under the management of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Cars can enter the nature park by paying 24TL, minibus 72TL, bus 216TL parking fee. The sunbed fee is 20TL.

Ölüdeniz is also the name of the settlement next to it. There are hotels and pensions in town for every budget. There are many options, from multi-room, star hotels to exquisite boutique hotels or cozy pensions or apartments. Numerous cafes, restaurants and bars lined up along the beach or across the street. It is a place that can meet all the needs of holidaymakers with its shops selling souvenirs and sea supplies, shops where you can shop.

Exquisite beach, also known as Belcekız Beach, lies right in front of Ölüdeniz Town. Belcekız Beach (Belceğiz Beach) is a part of Ölüdeniz, which Kumburnu separates from each other. The water of the beautiful sandy and little pebbly shallow beach is clear. With its long beaches and turquoise sea, this is the most favorite holiday center of Ölüdeniz. Belcekız Beach is also the departure point of the boats that make trips to various bays in Ölüdeniz tours. The landing track of paragliding is located in front of this beach and the shops that run parallel to the beach.

8. Butterfly Valley and Faralya

holiday fethiye
butterfly Valley
fethiye faralya
Butterfly Valley in Faralya

butterfly ValleyIs one of the 10 most beautiful natural beauties of our country, which adorns the skirts of the mountain Babadağ, famous for its endemic plants of the Mediterranean Region. The valley, which was declared as a first degree natural protected area in 1995 due to its natural beauties, is one of the most important addresses of nature and camping tourism in our country.

It takes its name from more than eighty species of butterflies it contains. But don't expect butterflies flying everywhere when you go, they can be seen around the river and waterfalls in the deep point of the valley in the season. Ideal for swimming, camping. It can be reached by boats departing from Ölüdeniz, and there is no possibility of transportation by land.

Faralya can also get off a somewhat difficult path (I think this path is closed because it is dangerous). Let me remind you that the path is not suitable for everyone. Do not forget to photograph the magnificent view from the hill where there is the sign deviating to the Lycian Way Karaöz route.

9. Kabak Bay

Pumpkin Valley
Pumpkin Valley
fethiye pumpkin dark
Kabak Beach

You will face every shade of green and blue Kabak Bay a heaven on earth. Kabak Bay consists of a deep canyon shaped valley surrounded by mountains on three sides and a pebbly beach that opens to the sea. Dark Pumpkin on the historical Lycian Way, Turkey's most beautiful bays.

There are many hotels, cafes and restaurants in Kabak Bay, which is preferred by young people who love to have fun. It is a wonderful place that you can choose as an area to stay. There are also boutique hotels and pensions in the genre that are biting when you see them. In recent years, it is a favorite for young people, it is perfect for camping and laziness with its unspoiled nature, texture away from concrete.

Since the Kabak Valley was not affected by the ice age, it preserved its structure, and it was not built until 1987. You can go hiking on the Lycian Way, which stretches between Kabak Bay of the Valley and the village of Alica, which has recently been explored. The trail can be a bit challenging for walking, but it is one of the favorite routes of hikers.

It is possible to reach Kabak Bay from Fethiye or Ölüdeniz by taking dolls from Faralya or by renting a boat from nearby bays.

10. Fethiye Villages

fethiye burns
Yaniklar Village, Fethiye
Fethiye Yeşilüzümlü Village
I get information about weaving in Yeşilüzümlü Village

Villages of Fethiye at least as beautiful and attractive as Fethiye. In recent years, these villages have been filled with those who want to escape from the city and be close to the sea and the land. Once upon a time, his land is now worth gold. The good thing is that the old decent houses, which were destroyed, were restored and returned to life. The villages, quieted by the escape of the youth, began to revive with new blood.

Yaniklar Villageis a village that I visit almost at least once a year. When you head towards Fethiye from Göcek, it is 10 minutes away and it is on the left. The beach on the beach side of the village is fine. There are many large and small hotels, pensions and camping areas. My favorite place is Yonca Lodge, which accepts guests with its environmentally friendly policies. It is a very peaceful, romantic family business.

Yaniklar Village is ideal for those who want to have a holiday away from the crowd. The Sweetgum forest you will see in the region is formed in the endemic Log Trees. Yummy for cycling and walking. You can rent a boat and go to the surrounding islands and coves. Again, you can stay here and create your route to visit Fethiye.

Yeşilüzümlü VillageWhile it was only 10-15 years ago that it was only able to make its name known with its mushrooms, it has now become a village where all house and land prices have skyrocketed and intellectuals have started to settle down. It takes its name from the vineyards grown in the village and its surroundings for centuries. The air is cool, the soil is fertile. Calm City Network (Cittaslow) candidate. Local women of the village are also interested in traditional weaving art.

There is even a festival for morel mushrooms, the price of which is quite high. I joined the previous year, there is a lot of interest. Truffles, rich in protein and good for cholesterol, start from 150-200TL per kilo. There is also a rich wildlife with many endemic plant species around the village. It is one of the richest regions of our country in terms of orchid. My advice for accommodation is Dikencik Houses.

The road extending towards the slopes of the village leads to the Ancient City of Kadyanda, one of the cities that entered the Lycian League. It was one of the prominent cities in the field of athletics and sports in the ancient period. Very few ruins of the ancient city are left behind, but it is a wonderful feeling to just go to the top and look at the valley over the clouds. Visit the villages of Fethiye to discover different riches.

Alinca VillageBefore reaching the Valley of the Butterflies, you can go to the left, through a very narrow and difficult road. It is a mountain village on the Lycian Way, at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. Just below it is Cennet Bay, which has a magnificent crystal clearness, and İnceburun lies next to it.

All of the few noses you cannot get enough of are called Yediburunlar. The view from each of them is incredible. There is a cafe called Catcy, which is visited by adventurous nature lovers, when it comes to. You can camp here, you can also stay in village houses if you want.

You can visit the village of Boğaziçi and the Sidyma Ancient City, which is located on the borders of Kaş, via the Lycian Way path or vehicle. No transportation by minibus or public transportation. When you get it, you can reach 3-4 hours in Kabak by following the path. I had taken the village of Alinca and the ancient cities of Xentos, Letoon and Patara on a day trip route.

11. Paradise Bay

fethiye inceunun
Cennet Koyu and Inceburun

Paradise Bay, it is a peaceful cove that suits its name, desolate, virgin, green and blue. Paradise Bay, which you can reach by boats departing from Kabak Bay or Butterfly Valley, has a very fine sandy beach. The back of the sheep is the pine forest that you can take. I went to the bay by a boat that I rented. There is no facility, a virgin, beautiful bay.

Cennet Bay, which is a paradise like its name, can be reached in about two hours by following the path of Lycian Way from Kabak Bay. In order to see the beautiful view of the bay from above, you should take the 'When you take' road on the left before going to the Valley of the Butterflies from Ölüdeniz.

12. Lycian Way

Likya way

Likya wayA walking route created by marking and mapping some of the paths on the Teke Peninsula, which was called Lycia, extending from Fethiye to Antalya. Discovered by hiker and writer Kate Clow in 1999, the Lycian Way is shown as one of the top 10 long distance hiking routes in the world with a length of 509 km.

Lycia is one of the most interesting regions of Anatolia in terms of its historical and natural riches. In the region called 'Land of Light' in the Ancient Times, ancient cities are almost intertwined with nature. In the first part of the Lycian Way, Uzuntara (Faralya) Village, Dodurga Village, Sdyma, Pinara, Letoon, Patara, an ancient port city with ancient cities and fine sands are located.

The second part includes Antiphellos, Apollonia, Simena, Myra, Limyra, Rhodiapolis, Gagai, Melanippe, Gelidonia, Edrassa, Olympos, Chimaera and Phaselis. Lycian Way, where short tracks take 4-5 hours and long tracks take 8-10 hours, offers unique views for photography enthusiasts.

The best times to cross the Lycian Way, where the ruins, settlements and accommodation facilities of 19 Ancient Lycian cities are located, are the first months of autumn and spring. Located Gelidonya Lighthouse Trails was elected Turkey's views on the most beautiful views in 2007.

13. Babadag and Fethiye Paragliding

fethiye paragliding
Fethiye paragliding

BabadagIt is located on the road to Ölüdeniz. The mountain where you have to go as if you are gliding like a bird in the amazing Ölüdeniz skies and exploring 50 tones of blue is another beautiful. There was snow from the roadside in the mountain I went to paragliding, whereas people were swimming in Belcekız Beach.

Known as Kragos in ancient times, Babadağ rises to 2 thousand meters right after Ölüdeniz beach. The mountain, which is the westernmost extension of the Taurus Mountains, is one of the 100 mountains that must be protected in the world. The mountain covered with old cedar and red pine forests has valleys where rich butterfly populations live. A unique treasure for nature lovers.

Babadag jump runway is the first place where paragliding in Turkey, one of Europe's most interested in seeing runway. It is considered as the second most suitable mountain in the world for tandem parachuting. Nearly 100 thousand paragliding jumps are done every year from Babadağ.

Babadağ exits not only to do paragliding but also to see the exquisite view and dazzling sunset. Skywalk Fethiye Cable Car Project When the season ends, all seasons of the year will offer the opportunity to watch the blue of Ölüdeniz from the snowy Babadağ. Babadag is provided with minibuses throughout the season. Fethiye paragliding is an activity to be done before dying, see the best of blue this time from the sky.

14. Göcek

GocekResembles a cute fishing town on the Fethiye-Muğla highway, 30 km from Fethiye. Göcek, which has become one of the most important centers of yacht tourism in recent years, is a unique tourism paradise with its natural harbor as well as the pine pine hills surrounding it, its ruins, many islands and bays.

Today, Göcek, which has become a favorite tourism center with its rapidly growing modern accommodation facilities and marina, is 20 km from Dalaman Airport.

15. Saklikent National Park

saklikent canyon

Saklıkent National ParkIt is located at the edge of Karaçay Stream, located at the Muğla-Antalya provincial border, 50 km from Fethiye. Saklıkent is a unique natural wonder hidden in a magnificent canyon with a length of 18 km and a height of 600 meters. It offers mountaineering, hiking and swimming opportunities for nature lovers with its steep cliffs, sycamore trees, sparkling flowing spring waters.

Tlos Ancient CityIt can be taken on the same route, very close to Saklıkent. It is the oldest ancient city in the Lycian region with a history dating back to 2000 BC, 45 km from Fethiye. Tlos, one of the 6 major cities of the Lycian Federated Union and the sports center of the union, is known as the city where the mythological hero Bellaforonte, famous for his flying winged horse Pegasus, lives.

Tlos, decorated with the most beautiful home type tombs of Lycia, has a cemetery on the natural rock of the city acropolis and king tombs dedicated to Bellaforonte.

16. Pinara Ancient CityI

Pinara Ancient CityIt is located on the outskirts of Akdağ, 55 km from Fethiye and 5 km west of the Fethiye-Kaş highway. It is an ancient settlement named after the words 'Pinale' or 'Pinara' which means round in Lycian language. Pinara Ancient City, one of the six cities with three voting rights in the Lycian League Assembly, is one of the biggest cities of Lycia.

Pinara, which is known as the city where the first beauty contest is held in the region and gained importance with its interesting architectural temple dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite, is a unique ancient city with hundreds of folk type tombs prepared in the form of a pigeon nest.

17. Xanthos and Letoon Ancient Cities

Letoon, 55 km from Fethiye, the region which is the religious center of the Lycian Union. According to a story told by the poet Ovidius, located near the Kumluova Village at the 65th kilometer of the Fethiye-Kaş highway, the city was founded in the name of Leto, who became pregnant with Zeus.

Famous for its 3 temples dedicated to Goddess Leto, Goddess Artemis and Goddess Apollo, Letoon was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as a cultural heritage in 1988.

18. Patara

Patara Ancient CityIt is located on the Kalkan-Fethiye highway, 14 km from Kalkan. One of the oldest settlements in the Lycian region, Patara was the largest and busiest port of the period. The city, which has not lost its importance in any period, is the winter divination center of God Apollo and one of the centers of the Lycian Union with three voting rights.

Famous for being the birthplace of St. Nicholas in the Byzantine period, Patara has many ancient ruins. Patara Ancient City, besides its archaeological and historical values, has a special significance as it is one of the rare beaches where Caretta Carettas, whose descendants have been decreasing, lay their eggs for millions of years.

Where to stay in Fethiye

Fethiye is full of countless alternatives in terms of accommodation. Farklı bütçelere uygun çok sayıda beş yıldızlı otel, butik otel ve pansiyon bulabiliyorsunuz. İyi Fethiye otelleri genellikle deniz kenarında ya da denizin biraz gerisinde yer alıyor. Muhteşem deniz ve doğa manzarasına hâkim butik otelleri de var.

Yonca Lodge Hotel: Fethiye’ye 15 km uzaklıktaki Yanıklar Köyü’nde yer alan Yonca Lodge, 14 odalı bir küçük otel. Meyve ağaçlarıyla bezeli bahçesinde ördek ve tavukların özgürce dolaştığı otelin Akdeniz maviliğinin tadını çıkarabileceğiniz çok hoş bir kumsalı da var. Kumsalın bitiminde ise hem kahvaltı hem de öğle ve akşam yemeklerinde kullanabileceğiniz restoran bulunuyor.

Oyster Residences: Bütçesi uygun olanlar için şahane bir seçenek. Babadağ’dan havalanan yamaç paraşütleri otelin önündeki piste iniyor. Gün boyu rengarenk paraşütleri izleyebileceğiniz otelin oda ve bahçe dekorasyonu muhteşem. Otelin hemen önünde plajın olması da büyük avantaj. Otelin yanı başındaki restoran, kafe de otel müşterisi olsun olmasın herkesi ağırlıyor.

Pastoral Vadi: Pastoral Vadi Ekolojik Yaşam Çiftliği, Yanıklar Köyünde çam ormanlarıyla çevrili bir vadinin ortasında 42 dönümlük bir arazide yer alıyor. Kargı Çayının kıyısındaki işletmede ekolojik yöntemlerle meyve ve sebze yetiştiriliyor. Doğal ortamındaki hayvanlar, tamamen organik yemlerle besleniyor.

fethiye tekne turu
Ölüdeniz, Fethiye

Fethiye’ye nasıl gidilir

Fethiye, Akdeniz Bölgesinin batısında, Muğla’nın 13 cennet ilçesinden biri. Likya döneminden antik kentleri, Ölüdeniz gibi mavi bayraklı ve dünyada eşi bulunmayan kumsalı, Kelebekler Vadisi ve Kabak Koyu gibi doğası bozulmamış çok özel bölgeleri, 12 Adalar’ı ve Caretta Caretta deniz kaplumbağalarının üreme alanı olan eşsiz plajlarıyla cennet bir köşe.

İstanbul’a 720 km, Ankara’ya 650 km olan Fethiye, İzmir’e ise 360 km uzaklıkta. Uçakla gidecekler için en uygun havalimanı olan Dalaman Havalimanı, Fethiye merkeze 40 km uzaklıkta yer alıyor. Uçuş kampanyalarını takip edip ucuz uçak bileti fırsatlarını yakalayın. Daha fazla bilgi için Fethiye’ye nasıl gidilir hakkında yazdığım blog yazısına göz atın.

Fethiye, tüm bu doğal ve tarihi güzelliklerinin yanı sıra, doğa sporlarına elverişli coğrafyası ile Türkiye’nin dalış ve yamaç paraşütünde bir numaralı merkezi. Birbirinden güzel koyları, yeşillikler içerisine saklanmış tarihi kalıntıları ve adrenalin tutkunlarını davet eden sporlarıyla, Fethiye’nin dört bir yanı keşfedilecek güzelliklere sahip.