One of the most important tourism centers of Egypt HurghadaIt was a small fishing town in the early 20th century. The city, which has grown with the support of local and foreign investors with the efforts of the Egyptian government since the 80s, has become an alternative tourism destination for the city of Sharm El Sheikh, and is one of the most popular holiday preferences of the German, Italian and Russian tourists in the Middle East.

Hurghada, which draws attention with its proximity to Karnak and the Valley of the Kings, one of the important settlements of the ancient times of Egypt, attracts attention with its blue waters, diving tourism and desert safaris. Life is based on tourism on the 36 km long coastline. It is possible to meet foreign tourists in every point of the city, which is one of the most welcoming centers in the Middle East.

Hurghada travel guide

Hurghada Travel Guide

Hurghada Or Al Ghardağa, a city in the Red Sea Province of Egypt, with the pronunciation of Arabic. The city of Hurghada, located 450 kilometers south of Cairo, is a city of 260,000 inhabitants in the Red Sea Province of Egypt. It is also one of the main tourist destinations on the edge of the Red Sea. Due to the Arab Spring, Egypt has a significant loss in the number of tourists, but holiday pleasure in Hurghada and its surroundings is safe and fun for now.

The city was founded at the beginning of the twentieth century, but existed as a simple fishing town until the 1980s. After the eighties, after both Egyptians and foreigners discovered this place, it has become a resort and holiday center today.

The city, which was a small fishing village at the beginning of the twentieth century, has been promoted by the Egyptian Government since the eighties, and has been brought to tourism as an alternative destination to Sharm el Sheikh by growing with the support of Egyptian and foreign investors. It turned into a complete holiday destination with the resorts and hotels opened.

Hurghada has 36 km of coastline, and the desert begins after the shores. Almost 60% of Egypt's territory consists of desert areas. However, with the resorts and resorts placed in these desert areas, it hosts millions of Serbs, Russians, Poles, Czechs and Germans every year. For example, the El Gouna region is a holiday region created from scratch.

Hurghada is divided into three sections: Downtown (El Dahar), Sekalla and El Memsha. El Dahar, which is a historical part, mostly consists of state institutions and market place; Beard is the regions where there are mostly hotels and entertainment places.

Egypt is also the country where the ancient ruins are the richest. Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, where temples dating back to 5,000 years ago, are located 4 hours from Hurghada, and there are many companies that organize tours here.

Saint Shenouda Cathedral, which is the 20th century structure, and Hurghada Al Mina Mosque, which can be seen from all over the city, are among the places to visit in the Hurghada Aquarium and El Dahar region to see the rich sea life of the Red Sea.

Hurghada is one of the world's richest underwater life. Water sports such as scuba diving, parasailing, windsurfing, snorkelling are popular. On the other hand, it is only a few hours away from Luxor, one of the biggest open air museums of the world, containing the remains of the oldest civilizations in the world.

In addition to being a cheap holiday destination, the city is known as the capital of many water sports and holidays, especially diving. Hurghada is a colorful city where you can dive with scuba and snorkeling, explore the depths of the Red Sea with glass boats, take part in sunset or fishing tours, and do safari with jeeps, ATVs and camels in the desert.

Apart from that, it is possible to do many activities such as Sand Museum in Hurghada, Thousand and One Night Tales night show, watching oriental and tennura dance, spider trips in the desert, view of Bedouin culture.

Safari Land Desert Adventure, Things to do in Hurghada It is a tour that should be placed first. In the activity program, there is a tour in the desert with ATV, driving in the desert with the strange Spider Riding called the spider, going to the bedouin village with the 4X4 used by a driver, Bedouin Camping visit, hand woven products, souvenir shopping.

In the Bedouin village, he gets on the camel who wants. Again, a short desert walk takes place, after which he can climb a high hill with a magnificent view. After returning to the camp where the desert tour started, the Desert Show dances, including oriental, tennura dance and shows, end after watching.

Hurghada Pictures

1. Hurghada Marina

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Hurghada Marinais one of the places where the city has gained a new identity with developing tourism. With the project, which was launched in 2008, special places have been created where incoming tourists and expats living here can hang out. You can reach the marina, which is established in the region known as Sekkala, by taxi in 15 minutes wherever you are.

Numerous restaurants, cafes and bars Hurghada Marina Boulevard sorted along. In a sense, it reminded me of Izmir Cord. In front of the cafes is the boulevard and in front of it is the bay where luxury yachts and boats anchored. For Mahmya Beach on Giftun Island, one of the islands of Giftun Island National Park, the boats leave from this marina. It is also possible to find shops that can buy souvenirs and shop.

There are more than twenty restaurants with rich menu options. Some offer fun environments with local live music. After a trip to Hurghada, it is a nice place for a dinner and then for hookah and coffee.

2. Old Port of Hurghada

Hurghada Old Harbor (Hurghada Old Port) is located in the area of ​​the city called El Dahar. The boat that I am going to dive in the Red Sea was departing from here and I had the opportunity to see here on this occasion. I know or see; The sea would be dirty where there are generally ports or boats, but the color and clarity of the sea is dazzling. The Red Sea is a completely different sea.

3. Saint Shenouda Cathedral and Al Mina Mosque

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trip to hurghada
Hurghada Fish Market

Those who are curious about the cultural texture of the city; visible from all over the city Hurghada Al Mina Mosque ile20. Coptic Cathedral built in the early century Saint ShenoudaIt can be added to the list of places to be seen in Hurghada. Hurghada Al Mina Mosque is located right next to the fishermen's market in Al Dahar.

Hurghada Fish MarketIt is located right next to the Hurghada Mosque. It is best to go to this place, which is open around the clock, in the morning. It is possible to choose one of the fresh fish removed from the Red Sea and have it cleaned and cooked right there. Prices are quite cheap.

Like the fish markets we know, the smell of this place can disturb people. But after a while, you get used to it. It is a place that seafood lovers should not miss.

4. Hurghada Marine Museum

Hurghada Marine Museum
Hurghada Marine Museum
Hurghada Red Sea Aquarium
Red Sea Aquarium

Hurghada Marine MuseumThe rich sea life of the Red Sea is revealed. Although it is not like a European designed museum, it is more or less a place that gives information about the Red Sea and its underwater life. You can add it to your list of places to visit in Hurghada.

In the museum, you get information about shark, balloon fish and many other unique marine life. Red Sea AquariumYou also have the opportunity to see the creatures closely in the non-modern aquarium related to the creatures living in the Red Sea.

When you take the Sindbad Submarines tour, which offers a submarine tour in the Red Sea, they pick you up from your hotel and bring them to this museum first. Afterwards, you pass by the boat to the platform where the sea bottom is half an hour away.

5. Sand Museum

Hurghada Hurghada Sand Museum

Sand museumis an open-air museum, prepared by master sculptors, with huge sculptures made from only materials made of sand and water, from world history, mythology, cinema to fantastic celebrities.

When I visited the headquarters of Antalya Sand City Hurghada from Turkey Mr. Vahdat he was doing. In the sand museum, 2 types of special sand, yellow and white, were used and they brought them from a distance of 400 km. It may take up to 2 months to make some great works. I really like this place, be on your list of places to visit.

6. Giftun Islands

Giftun Islands
Giftun Hurghada

Giftun IslandsIt is located in the protected Giftun Island National Park, near Hurghada. Rising in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea, these small islands are also known as Paradise Islands. The Arabic one is called Giftun Kebir and the small one is called Giftun Sughayer. Boats departing from Hurghada Marina arrive here in 45 minutes.

There are 2 beaches, public and private, on Büyük Giftun Island, which is one of the Giftun Islands. There are no sun beds and umbrellas on the public beach. There is no service, and it was very crowded. Boats that make snorkeling tours stop here for a while. Hurghada is a good option for exploring colorful fishes and corals.

Private beach on Great Giftun Island Mahmya Beach is the place that made this place so famous. The beach, which is 2 km long, on the shore of the calm waters of the turquoise Red Sea, has fine white sands. The island is mostly called Mahmya by local people. Almost everything has been considered in the facility. There are enough sunbeds and umbrellas. There are a large number of camellias that can watch the island from several different angles. It has an immaculate modern toilet, a large restaurant to eat. It is possible to find all kinds of drinks at the bar.

A windless air, a calm and crystal clear sea, loungers made with straws and a clean and tidy beach are enough to seduce people. The ticket price (50 Euros) includes lunch, transfer and snorkeling equipment. After resting and sunbathing on the island for a while, I took a snorkel tour, it's free.

Going to a nearby coral reef by big boat. This is a paradise for snorkeling. You witness the rich Red Sea underwater life without the need to dive. 10 years ago Red Sea I was fascinated when I met for the first time. I was fascinated after seeing Giftun Island and after snorkeling.

7. El Gouna, Hurghada

El Gouna Hurghada

El gounaIs a holiday and living complex built in Hurghada on the Red Sea coast. It was founded in 1990 by ORASCOM, owned by the Egyptian Sawaris family. 22 km from Hurghada city center; It is located 470 km south of Cairo.

El Gouna, which has 25.000 people from different parts of the world and settled here, has everything that should be located in a modern city. It is a perfect holiday destination with SPAs, gourmet restaurants, golf courses, tennis courts, Olympic swimming pools.

El Gouna, where the turquoise colored Red Sea shines bright, offers rich options for accommodation and entertainment. There are famous international hotel brands such as Mövenpick, Sheraton and Steigenberger; It can host more than 2,700 guests with 16 hotels in a comfort extending from 3 stars to 6 stars.

Red Sea RivieraEl Gouna, which has been created from nothing at all, covers an incredible area of ​​40 million m2. It consists of 16 hotels, more than 420 restaurants, bars, shops and service offices, several shopping malls, a marina, an 18-hole golf course, a small airport, a university and a library, and a hospital.

El Gouna, where the tourism season booms between October and May, attracts holidaymakers with its favorable climatic conditions. It has a favorable climate for holidays almost all year round. Even in winter, the air temperature is 17-25 °, while in the summer it is 26-33 °.

Besides enjoying the beach, it offers many activities to be done. This is also the world famous kitesurfing point. There are tours in the canals in El Gouna by boats. For those who want to get to know the Red Sea closely, catamaran tours are organized.

The lagoons in the town can be explored with small canoes and canoes standing and pedaling. My favorite activity is, segway It was my tour in El Gouna with.

8. ATV Safari

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Quad Runner Safari, also known as Hurghada ATV Safari, is one of the most enjoyable activities to be held in Hurghada. At the safari event held with ATV vehicles in the desert region, which is located approximately 30 minutes away from the city center, first of all, a group of 20 people is informed about how to use ATV vehicles.

In the activity, which can be attended by anyone over the age of 16, you can wander around the vast desert plain near Safari Land. Since the desert environment is very dusty, participants need to tie it with a sarong or scarf to cover their face and nose. Sunglasses and sunscreen are also essential. Of course, don't forget your water.

9. Hurghada Desert Safari

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In Desert Safari by Jeep, which is part of the Safari Land Desert Adventure event package, you visit Bedouin Village and get to know Bedouin culture closely with 4X4 used by a driver. The event, which also offers the opportunity to buy souvenirs prepared by the Bedouins, includes camels, climbing a high hill and the Desert Show (belly dance, tennura dance).

Spider riding safariIs part of the desert activity pack known as Safari Land Desert Adventure. In Spider Riding Safari, which is included with the ATV safari and jeep safari, you use an interesting vehicle called a spider in the desert.

It is not so easy to use a very noisy vehicle. The steering is both stiff and throttle. His pleasure is already here. Since it is in the tour package, you do not have to pay any fee. You don't have to use it, sit back and enjoy the dust and noise.

10. Bedouin Village Tour

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One of the places visited at a full-day event of the Safari Land Desert Adventure package is the Hurghada Bedouin Village. You can relax and drink tea in the tent set up in the desert in this environment, which is prepared in accordance with the Bedouin culture for touristic visits. In the event, which ends with a short tour with camels, you also have the chance to take lots of photos.

One of the most exciting and beautiful photographic moments of the Safari Land Desert Adventure event is to ride a camel. You can take short walks with camels, which are an integral part of desert culture, and take amazing photos with these interesting animals.

In the Bedouin Village, where Bedouins can experience the old desert life, beautiful local souvenirs that are created by the local villagers are sold. You can buy many local souvenirs, from hand-woven carpets to jewelry, from copper containers to sachets.

11. Desert Show

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Belly dance and Egyptian tennure dance shows at Safari Land Desert Adventure base camp are good opportunities to get to know the local culture. These activities, which are held at their extraordinary shows such as lying on the studded board and walking on broken glass, are also held to entertain the tourists in the night clubs in Hurghada.

After doing the above activities in order, the starting place in the morning Safari Land Desert Adventure We are back at the base camp. Here first belly dancethen tennure dance shows were held.

Afterwards, shows such as lying on the nailed board, walking on the Crimean glass were held under the view of the audience full of fear and surprise. Since the Canon 60D camera was discharged, I had to shoot the photos and photos with the iPhone at that time of the evening.

12. Thousand and One Nights Show: Alf Leila We Leila

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One of the most recognized shows in the Arab world Fantasia 1001 Night ShowA show also called the 1001 nights tales. In this show, where you can get to know the traditional culture and art of Egypt, information about the ancient history of the country is also transferred. The show with horses is breathtaking in the show where fire dance, belly dance and tennure dance are also performed.

13. Sightseeing with Submarine

Hurghada Submarines
Hurghada Submarines

Hurghada Sindbad SubmarinesFor those who do not know how to swim or dive, it is one of the best ways to enjoy the impressive view of the underwater world of the Red Sea. The Red Sea is the most beautiful sea I have ever seen, which has impressed me the most.

With the submarine with 18 panoramic windows, you go down to the depth of 16-22 meters of the Red Sea and dive into the underwater ecosystem in the Red Sea for 50 minutes. There are 44 seats in the submarine. It is an activity especially for children who witness the colorful life in the Red Sea.

The price includes picking up from the hotel and leaving the hotel, including soft drinks. After paying the ticket fee, you first enter the Marine Museum. Here you get information about live life in the Red Sea. Real fish from the sea, covered with varnishes.

Sindbad Submarines starts at $ 50. I also saw that different prices were given according to the number of participants or tour company. It is possible to explore the Red Sea with the Submarine Tour organized 3 times a day on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Hurghada Semi Submarine Tour You may also be interested in. One of the most entertaining activities to explore the underwater beauties of the Red Sea is tours that are made by submarine glass boats. You can discover the underwater world of the Red Sea from where you live, even if you have prejudice against diving with companies that have regular tours every day.

14. Diving in Hurghada

Things to do in Hurghada

In the capital of all kinds of water sports, Hurghada has addresses that allow all sea activities, except for Abu Ramada and Shedwan Islands, where only diving can be done. Umm Gammar Island, Shaab Abu Shiban, Shaab el-Erg, Dishet el-Dhaba, Shaab Abu Hashish, Sharm el-Arab, Al Quseir, Sharm El Naga, El Gouna, Al-Mahmya, Soma and Makadi Beaches are the main sea pleasure addresses.

The season in Hurghada is open all year except December, January and February. Don't even be afraid to travel here in mid-February. In Hurghada, where I was towards the end of March, the daytime temperature was 27 degrees. The sea temperature is around 22 degrees. It is possible to enjoy the sea in windy days in these months. It can be windy in the winter period.

It is dazzling with the variety of products sold in Hurgada bazaars, which is a complete shopping paradise. Market places and covered bazaars, copper and brass workmanship, carpets and weaving products, handmade jewelery, medicinal herbs and spice shops are located on the streets along the coast. Bedouin Village is one of the best shopping spots where you can experience the local culture.

Hurghada, which is a very rich place in terms of food and restaurant options, includes restaurants that offer delicious dishes and local tastes from Egyptian cuisine, restaurants with seafood, Italian, French and Chinese dishes, and examples from other cuisines.

Where to stay in Hurghada

There are hotels for almost every budget in Hurghada. The huge resorts in our Mediterranean region are lined up at many points of the city on the Red Sea coast. Some are huge in the size of a small town. I stayed at all of the hotels below.

The Oberoi Sahl HasheeshIs located in Hurghada, the holiday city of Egypt. I went to Hurghada 3 times in 2014 and I was a guest to this delightful hotel in the first 3 days of this last visit. Serving the luxury concept, The Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh offers transfer from the airport to the hotel with Mercedes for those who desire.

The touristic area of ​​Hurghada Sahl Hasheesh The Oberoi, located on the Red Sea coast in the area, has a magnificent view. It has a nice white sandy beach and a pier extending into the sea. You don't even have to dive to see the colorful fish floating around the pier. The hotel's own infinty pool is exquisite.

The rooms are simply yummy! Grand Suites also have their own pool. The garden walls surrounded by high walls also provide privacy. The shower and bathtub in the bathroom overlook this garden. It is very relaxing to take a shower in the daylight and enjoy the marble deep tub.

The Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh serves as a bed and breakfast. It is possible to choose delicious dishes from local or international menus with its 3 a la carte restaurants.

Arabella Azur Resort4 star hotel. It is located on the shore of the Red Sea, 7 km from Hurghada Airport and 3 km from the city center. It consists of 299 rooms with two whitewashed whitewashed Nubian architecture on a lagoon.

The hotel food is of satisfactory variety and taste. It is a bit difficult for Anatolia to see a menu that will be surprised by the food culture. Arabella Azur, which serves with its all-inclusive system, has its own beach. Ideal for water sports, snorkelling and swimming. You swim among coral reefs, among colorful fish.

Kempinski Soma BayWe are in a luxury resort in the Soma Bay area, outside the city. Soma bey is a newly developed tourism region, think like Kemer or Belek in our country. It is suitable for those who like to stay in the hotel, swim in the pool and swim in the pool. It would be a nice honeymoon hotel.

Turkish Airlines has reciprocal flights between Istanbul and Hurghada every day of the week. It is possible to reach the city by taxi from Hurghada Airport, which is about 8 km from the city center.

HurghadaIs a city overlooking the clean blue waters of the Red Sea. In addition to being a place where you can enjoy the sea, sun and sand holidays, the proximity of Karnak and the Valley of the Kings, one of the most important heritages of the ancient period of Egypt, and the rich options it offers for diving; It also impresses with its alternative safaris to closely monitor the desert and Bedouin life.