PattayaIt is one of the tourism centers of the country, which stands out with the exotic atmosphere of Thailand, one of the Southeast Asian countries, and hosts the most foreign tourists in the country. Located on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand, 165 km southeast of the capital, Bangkok, the city is flooded by tourists who want to vacation, relax and have fun all year round.

In the city where the traffic problem is experienced due to crowded population and tourist mobility, smooth streets and directional signs make it easy to find directions. The easiest way to combat heavy traffic, especially during the commute and return hours, is to explore the city on foot and stay away from traffic as much as possible.

pattaya transportation guide

Pattaya Transportation Guide

Located in the southwest of Thailand, Pattaya is known for its traffic density as in many cities of Thailand. A serious traffic problem is experienced due to the fact that the city hosts millions of tourists throughout the year and the prevalence of motor vehicle use.

It is very difficult to go from one place to another during the busy traffic hours in the city, where it is easy to find directions and addresses with smooth streets and signposts indicating directions. Therefore, if your destination in the city is within walking distance, you can choose to walk as much as possible and save extra time in traffic and get away from traffic stress.

Famous Baht-Bus: Songthaew

songthaew Pickups (Baht-Bus) are the most popular, easiest accessible and cheapest method of transportation in Pattaya. Pickups called Songthaew (Baht-Bus) make up Pattaya's distinctive mode of transportation. The reason why this transportation vehicle was called 'Baht Bus' was that its price was only 1 Baht in the past. The back of these vehicles, which have a small turntable in dark blue color, are covered and have two rows of seats. These vehicles, which are built to carry at least 10 people, generally pass through the most known places in Pattaya and the fee is 10 Baht for short distances.

Pattaya Beach Road, South Pattaya Road, Second Road, Central Pattaya road, all of South Pattaya, are on the short distances list. Long-distance tariffs cover the northernmost part of Pattaya Second Road and Pattaya Beach Road.

These pickups regularly go to Jomtien at the intersection of South Pattaya / Second Road. You have to wait 10 Baht and usually at least 10 people to fill the price. The price of white pickups is also 10 Baht and even if you go from Naklua to South Jomtien, this price does not change at all.

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Songthaew, the backbone of transportation in Pattaya

According to official statistics, there are about 700 of these tin piles that constantly honk in Pattaya and one of the biggest reasons for the heavy traffic. In short, short distances are 10 Baht, long distances are around 20-30 Baht.

If your destination is somewhere other than the route, never and ever ask the driver exactly where you want to go, as this will be referred to as 'private taxi service'. Even if he is on the road, he may ask you for a separate fee, especially if he says he has gone there.

Note also the empty pickups parked on the roadside. If you don't want to be stacked, just go and go, don't ask too many questions even if you don't understand where you're going. These drivers are probably the roughest people you can encounter in Thailand. If they see a stranger on the road, they usually stop immediately, if they do not, you can stop it with just a hand sign.

If you have finally come to where you want to land or if you want to notice that you are going in the wrong direction, just press the red ring at the top of your seat. After landing, pay whatever the price of the road you go is. If you ask "How much?", They will surely ask for extra money considering that you are inexperienced. Having 10 Baht on you is always bad, your chances of piling will be minimized.

If your destination is not on the current route, Baht-Bus is kept as a taxi service, and passengers have to agree with the driver on a figure from the very beginning. For example, there should be no more than 200 Baht from south Pattaya to Jomtien. Of course, this salary is completely negotiable, so your negotiation ability determines the latest price.

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If you are going out of the Baht-Bus route and have enough courage, you can get behind the Moto-Taxi and get rid of the crazy Pattaya traffic quickly and cheaply. Moto-Taxis almost everywhere and shout 'mor-sai' (Thai means motorcycle as slang) and applause with their hands to attract customers' attention.

Motorcycle taxi drivers seem to be angels to you with their kindness and open communication when compared to songthaew pickup drivers. Most motorcycle riders are young, helpful and friendly. They are easily recognized because of their typical helmets and the name of the taxi stand to which they are attached.

Because they know the city roads best and use the shortcuts that Baht-Bus does not use, they can be called "the most reliable" drivers. Although the average wages are around 40 Baht, the final price is negotiable. If the idea is changed and the route is changed on the way, you need to speak to re-agree. Each time you do not agree, you will be forced to pay the money the driver will want.

'Tuk-Tuk' taxis, which are classical Thai style, are easily found all over the city. It is impossible to come across these small three-wheeled engines that are the first things that come to mind when it comes to Thailand. Except for a small number of privately owned tuk-tuks, commercial work is prohibited, but Pattaya is no exception.

Pattaya taximeter

The number of Bangkok-style 'taximeter' vehicles in Pattaya has increased since 2008. At the taxi stands around the places such as The Avenue Mall, Royal Garden Plaza shopping center, you can find many taxis with taximeters showing the fee according to the distance you will go.

Despite the fact that many taxi drivers have taximeters in their vehicles, they must insist on not opening the taximeter, so you must say your destination and agree on the price. Prices in taxis usually start at 150 Baht. If you go to Jomtien from the center of Pattaya, the taxi costs about 200-300 Baht.

Motorcycle rental

For those who rely on their own driving skills and make independence a style, renting a motorcycle is the best option. All it takes is an internationally valid driver's license. Of course, although this is the only official document required, nobody asks when renting a motorcycle. Even the traffic rules, which are getting stricter, do not even ask for a police license.

There are places where you can rent hundreds of motorcycles even on the South Pattaya road alone. Bars, hostels and many other places offer this rental service. Most of the engines consist of small automatic scooters between 80-125 cc and can speed up to 100 km. Gear models are in the minority. The top models are Honda Wave, Honda Click, Yamaha Mio and Yamaha Fino. The average rental rate, which is around 150-200 Baht per day, is even lower if you want to buy it weekly or monthly.

While these motorcycles are rented, a deposit or passport between 1000-15 thousand Baht is requested as a pledge. It is useful to insist on giving a copy of the passport instead of the original passport. Damages and scratches on motorcycles should be marked on the contract. When it is returned smoothly, the deposit is taken back without any problems. It must be rented with a solid helmet. If 2 people will get on, the second person must have a helmet. If you don't, you can get a penalty.

pattaya motor rental
You can rent an engine if you are confident

In case of a damage to the engine, you will be charged for the damage. In such a case, even if you want to take the engine to the mechanic to have it repaired yourself, companies do not allow it. Because they take you to the repairers they know and bill you from the highest possible number. The loss invoice has created an extra income gate in the inflator industry.

Rent a car

Like all major car rental companies, local companies are located in Pattaya. You can even get Limousine service besides Honda, Toyota, Nissan and other Japanese brands. You can easily find fake jeeps especially on the Pattaya coastal road and Second Road.

What you need to rent a car is again an international driver's license. Since traffic flows from the left side in Thailand, traffic flowing in reverse can be a problem for those who are not used to it. If you are not accustomed to traffic flowing left-handed, it can be quite dangerous to use an engine due to heavy Pattaya traffic and careless drivers. No matter how experienced you are, you need to be very careful with other drivers (especially drunk ones).