Traditional Thai MassageNot only is it healthy, it has an incredibly perfect relaxing feature. The history of Thai Massage, also known as Thai, Thai or Thai massage, goes back to 2,500 years ago. It is a therapy method that is used for massage, physical rest and meditation, whose basic structure is formed by Chinese traditional medicine and Indian yoga.

The massage, which is mostly pressurized and stretching, is not applied to the naked skin as an oily massage like other known massages. A thin linen is worn for massage and clothed massage is done on a semi-hard surface. The position of the therapist is frequently changed during the session and the massage takes at least 1.5 hours.

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Traditional Thai Massage

The massage economy in Thailand, which is the gift of Traditional Thai Massage to the world, has an important place in tourism revenues. In Thailand, the capital of Thailand, there are many massage parlors that serve with herbal massage, spa or aroma therapy sign in many destinations that stand out with tourism.

Thai massage is expressed in Thai with the words 'nuat paen boran'. Traditional Thai Massage, which means literal or traditional massage, has its origins in the Indian Peninsula. Massage, which is based on Ayurveda and Yoga techniques, has a relaxing and healthy effect as well as a whole physical experience. Contrary to what is generally known in the West, there is nothing related to sex in traditional Thai massage.

At the beginning of the massage session, the person wears comfortable and wide pajamas-like clothing and reaches a mattress on the floor. The massager applies rhythmic pressure on the person's body using his hands, fingers, elbows and feet. Thai massage is traditionally performed by following the "energy paths" or meridians called "paths of you" in the body. The massager starts from the feet and legs of the customer lying on his back on the massage. It then continues as a massage of hands, arms, back, neck and a short head and face, depending on the practitioner's style.

Normally, traditional Thai massage does not use oil, but those who want to use the oil in most salons are charged extra. Massage takes an average of 1.5-2 hours, and rhythmic pressure and flexing the body, such as pulling fingers, 'limiting' the knuckles of the ears and limbs, and even climbing on the back of the person.

Traditional Thai Massage, although it seems very painful, is considered a very relaxing and healthy therapy when performed by a well-trained and certified practitioner. According to the rules of the massage parlor and the condition of the person who massages you, an extra sex service can be included in the massage. Some oily massages can turn into 'happy massage' and end with a happy ending with activities such as masturbation or oral sex. As the quality of the massage room decreases, it is served for sex rather than massage. If you want quality massage for health, it is useful to choose quality massage salons.

Foot massage

thai foot massage

Foot massage, as the name suggests, is done on the person's foot. Also known as “foot reflexology massage”, this massage is used in the treatment of the related organ or region and in relieving symptoms by triggering the points in certain reflex areas on the foot that affect different organs of the body according to Chinese belief.

Studies show that foot massage also relieves stress. Stress, which is the source of many diseases, especially heart diseases, is reduced indirectly with a professional foot massage and positively affects the health of the person.

The benefits of Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is applied to relax muscles, reduce edema in certain areas, and speed up recovery in injuries such as stretching and sprains. Trained people who practice Thai massage intervene with stretching and stretching methods. The famous massage helps to reduce the stress of the person with the pressure applied to the nerves by accelerating the blood circulation and energizing it.

Although some movements are harsh during the massage, at the end of the session, the muscles relax, get rid of stress, regional pain and fatigue decrease, blood circulation accelerates and the body gets energy.

thai massage
Thai Massage

Body Massage

Although most of the massage salons in Thailand are performed classical Thai massage, Body Massage, which is also mentioned as foamy massage, is more than a traditional body massage. This massage, which is also called erotic massage, is made for sex rather than health.

Tourism paradise of Southeast Asia, Thailand, calms the body besides its natural beauties, rich history and cultural heritage. Traditional Thai Massage It also attracts visitors with.