ThailandIt is a very attractive country with its impressive tropical islands, exquisite bays, turquoise sea, dazzling beaches, exotic culture. Known for its colorful nightlife and beach parties, especially the capital Bangkok, Pattaya is one of the most important tourism destinations in the country and stands out with its white beaches, Phuket is one of the places frequented by tourists visiting the country.

Even though the rains and humid weather seem to be overwhelming in the first stage, you are accustomed to this climate in Thailand, which provides favorable conditions for any period of the year with its climate that is dominated by tropical, generally hot, humid and monsoon rains. With its wide area, you can enjoy your dream holiday by paying attention to the weather and seasons in the country where different seasons are seen according to the regions.

When to Visit Thailand
James Bond Island (Ko Tapu), Thailand

Thailand climateWith its tropical features, it is attractive enough to attract holiday enthusiasts. Before planning a trip to Thailand, you can complete your holiday with the least amount of trouble, taking into account the country's seasons and forecast weather conditions.

In general, it is possible to travel to Thailand every month of the year. Although the rains and humidity seen in the country are sometimes overwhelming, this situation does not last long. Especially those who prefer Bangkok or Pattaya for their nightlife will spend their time in indoor places, and the weather and climate of Thailand do not matter much.

Thailand Climate: Seasons and Temperatures

Thailand's tropical, usually hot, humid and monsoon rains are roughly divided into 3 seasons. Since Thailand is a very large country stretching from north to south, these seasons may differ from region to region. However, there is still no major change in the annual average temperature of Thailand.

The average annual temperature in the country varies between 30 and 35 ° C. In the coldest period, the lowest temperature is seen between 20 and 27 ° C. The humidity rate that rises above 90 percent in rainy seasons causes the current temperature to feel much more. The region where the lowest air temperature is seen in the winter months in the country, the mountainous area in the north, Chiang Mai and the Isaan regions in the northeast. In these regions, the temperature can drop down to 15 ° C at night.

☀️ Cool Season

The best time to go to Thailand is between November and February. This period is considered to be the winter season, also known as the cool season of Thailand. Tourists from all over the world prefer these months because the humidity is low in this period.

In the period that started in November and continued until the end of February, little rain is seen in Thailand and the weather is not hot enough to disturb. Keep in mind that prices are higher in Thailand and hotels are full in the cool season.

🌞 Hot Season

March, April and May are the hottest months in Thailand. During this period, the average air temperature in the country goes up to 33 ° C. The lowest temperature in March, April and May is 25-27 ° C. In the hot season, warm and humid weather makes people feel their skin sticky. The rain that rains occasionally in late April and May refreshes the air a little.

🌧 Rainy Season

The rainy season seen between June and October is known as the low season for the Thai tourism industry. In this period, when the rain falls 1-2 hours continuously and the sun comes out and dries all the wetness, the average temperature during the day is 30 ° C and the average temperature is 25-27 ° C at night.

This is the second most popular season in the country, after the cool season. During this period, bars and beaches are less crowded and prices are falling to more reasonable levels.

Central and Eastern Thailand: The best time to visit the central and eastern parts of Thailand is the period from November to March. During this period, the weather is sunny but not overwhelming, and rains continue from May to October.

North and Northeast Thailand: The best season to go to northern and northeastern Thailand is between November and February, which is considered as winter months. During this period, the flowers start to bloom in the region. Since the air is dry and cool, it does not bother. Mountainous regions are very cold in winter, and hot in summer.

Southern Thailand: Southern Thailand is a geographical region with almost no winter season. In this region, there are generally two seasons: summer and rainy seasons. The best time to go to southern Thailand is the time interval between November and March.

With its natural beauties, countless more than 400 Buddhist temples, colorful nightlife, multicultural life and unique street flavors Thailandis a destination that can be visited at any time of the year.