Akyarlar (Kefaluka) is an old fishing town on the Aegean Sea coast, 23 km from the center of Mugla Bodrum. Akyarlar, which is home to the unique beaches and coves of the Bodrum Peninsula, is also the closest point in the region with a distance of 5 km to Kos Island (Kos).

Located in the south of Bodrum Peninsula, with its ancient name Arhialla, Akyarlar is among the places to visit around Bodrum with its five-star hotels, its calm and peaceful atmosphere, the azure coolness of the Aegean Sea, the cute harbor, the fishing boats that surround the harbor.

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Short information about Akyarlar 🇹🇷

Akyarlar is a seaside town in the Bodrum district of Muğla. Akyarlar, which was transformed into a neighborhood of Bodrum under the responsibility of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality with the regulation of Metropolitan Law while it was a village connected to Bodrum until 2014, is known as Arhialla.

Akyarlar, one of the most suitable spots for surfing on the Aegean coast, is located in the south of Bodrum Peninsula. Akyarlar, which is a town in its own condition until the late 1960s, is one of the places with rapidly changing tourism activities in Bodrum Peninsula.

Akyarlar, known as Kefaluka until the years of exchange, and predominantly lived by the Greek population, was one of the places where Turkish citizens living in the Aegean islands were settled after the exchange. Today, the summer-winter permanent population of Akyarlar, which is one of the most popular holiday centers around Bodrum with its five-star hotels, hostels, impressive coastline, small harbor and beaches, is around 3,500.

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Akyarlar where 📍

AkyarlarIs located within the borders of Bodrum district of Muğla, which is located in the Aegean Region. Akyarlar, a small settlement on the Aegean Sea in the south of Bodrum Peninsula, is 5 km from Kos Island in Kos.

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How to get to Akyarlar

How to get to Akyarlar by plane: The closest airport to Akyarlar is Milas-Bodrum Airport, located in the Milas district of Muğla. The number of direct flights from Turkey and the world that the regulation of direct flights in the summer months many points Milas-Bodrum Airport is increasing.

How to get to Akyarlar from Milas-Bodrum Airport: Milas-Bodrum Airport is 58 km from Akyarlar. There is no direct public transportation option from the airport to Akyarlar. After going to Bodrum Bus Terminal with MUTTAŞ and HAVAŞ services, you can reach the seaside town by using Akyarlar minibus from the bus station. Options such as taxi, car rental and private transfer vehicle are among the alternatives.

How to get to Akyarlar by car: Akyarlar is 733 km (10 hours and 50 minutes) to Ankara, 812 km (12 hours) to Istanbul, 265 km (4 hours) to İzmir, 581 km (8.5 hours) to Bursa and 133 km to Muğla ( 2.5 hours), 23 km (35 minutes) from Bodrum. Transportation to Akyarlar is provided through Bodrum district center. You can reach Akyarlar by car using the Bodrum-Turgutreis Highway.

When coming from Izmir and Istanbul direction, Izmir-Aydin Motorway, Söke, Milas route; When coming from Ankara direction, it is necessary to follow the route of Afyonkarahisar, Buldan, Yatağan, Milas and Bodrum.

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<p><strong>How to get to Akyarlar by bus:</strong> Many bus companies have direct services to Akyarlar and Turgutreis in the summer months. You can reach Akyarlar in 40 minutes by using Akyarlar minibuses from Bodrum Bus Terminal by coming to Bodrum first, instead of these trips where it is difficult to find a place.</p>
<h3><span id=Akyarlar – History and culture📌

The places to visit and see in Akyarlar, the seaside town of Muğla's Bodrum district, mostly belong to sea, sand and solar tourism. Akyarlar bays, which are located on the route of Akyarlar's most famous beach Karaincir Beach, as well as boat tours and blue cruise boat tours, are ideal for witnessing the perfect blue of the Aegean Sea.

Termera Ancient City, Akyarlar's cute harbor and coastline, and Akyarlar Volcano near the town are among the places that can be seen in Akyarlar. If you have time in Akyarlar for a few days, you can also visit Kos Island on a daily basis or with a ferry from Turgutreis.

The pristine beauty of the Bodrum Peninsula AkyarlarIt has a peaceful atmosphere with its unique coastline, virgin bays and beaches, five-star hotels and boutique pensions, as well as stone houses bearing the traces of the Greeks, fish restaurants offering delicious meals.