Known as 'the heel of the boot' in Italy At leastis a corner from heaven with its exquisite architecture, its coastline, its kilometers-long beaches, historical towns, authentic dishes, olive oil, wine grapes and vineyards.

Bari, which is the port city where the crusaders who took part in the Crusades, which changed the course of history and which is of great importance for Europe and the Middle East, is on the warships, is also home to Italy's busiest port used in passenger, vehicle and commercial relations with Greece and Croatia. ➡ My Instagram account @yoldaolmak ✔️

Where is Bari?

Short information about Bari 🇮🇹

At leastis the city of Italy, the official name of which is the Republic of Italy. Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, the city is the center of Italy's Puglia region and the province of Bari with the same name.

Bari is a region consisting of four different city districts. The Puglia region is located in the heel part of Italy's geographical appearance that resembles drawing.

The official language of Italy is spoken in Bari. English is also widely spoken in the city. The Italian currency is the Euro. Bari, one hour behind from Turkey. The population of the city is 950 thousand.

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Where is Bari?📍

Bari is the city of Italy, located on the European continent. Italy is also a Southern European country. Bari, the capital of the Apulia region or the Apulia region in the south of Italy, is a cute port city on the Adriatic coast. Bari is the second most important city in the country after Naples in Southern Italy.

Opposite the Adriatic Sea, the city has beaches in Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. There are regular ferry and freighter services from Bari to Dubrovnik, Bar and Durres.

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How to get to Bari ✈️

Turkey was able to go from Bari with direct and indirect flights. Turkish Airlines flies directly from Istanbul Airport to Bari 7 days a week. The plane, which departs at 08.50 every day, lands at Bari at 09.55 local time. Istanbul-Bari flight time 2 hours 5 minutes.

Pegasus Airlines organizes two separate flights from Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Bari with a connection to Rome. The flight of Rome-Florence is provided by Alitalia. The connecting flight time varies between 5-7 hours. KLM's Amsterdam connecting Bari flight is another alternative for those who want to go by connecting.

Transportation from Bari Airport to the city center: Bari Airport is 8 km from the city center. There are bus, taxi, car rental or transfer vehicle options to reach the city center from the airport.

The number 16 city bus, which carries passengers from the airport to Bari city center to Aldo Moro Square, is the only public transport option. The square, which is the last stop of the bus, is also very close to the train station. It takes 40 minutes to reach the city center by bus. Buses run every day between 05.00 and 21.30.

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At leastSt. Nicholas Church (Basilica di San Nicola) built on a peninsula between the two modern harbors extending to the north of the city center, San Sabino Cathedral and II. There is a castle built for Frederick. This castle is also one of the important stops of nightlife.

Among the places to visit in Bari, it is also possible to count the Svevo Palace, Colonna Delle Giustizia, Lungomare, Teatro Petruzelli and Piazza Mercantile. Puglia, a dirt road town that draws you with olive trees with its narrow streets, farm houses and rural landscape, must be visited.

The beach town of Polignano, 20 minutes from Bari, is seen with its narrow streets, the coastline moving in the summer and the fascinating city center built on the cliffs.