GumuslukIs an enormous holiday destination in the Bodrum district of Muğla with its clean sea, natural beauties, lush texture and pleasant fish restaurants lined up along the coastline. Situated on the west coast of Bodrum Peninsula, Gümüşlük is the indispensable address of blue cruise tours and yachts with its natural harbor.

Gümüşlük, which has begun to get active from the spring months with its boutique hotels, is known for its seafood restaurants on the beach. The town, where the sea meets the sun and green, is located on the skirts of Bozdağ in the center.

Brief information about Gümüşlük 🇹🇷

Gümüşlük is a neighborhood in the Bodrum district of Muğla. Located on the west coast of Bodrum Peninsula, where the blue of Aegean Sea meets green texture, Gümüşlük stretches from the skirts of Bozdağ to the Aegean Sea. The oldest known settlement in Gümüşlük, which dates back to 4 thousand years ago, is the Myndos Ancient City, which belongs to the Lelegians.

Gümüşlük, which is one of the frequent places of many civilizations that trade in the Aegean and the Mediterranean with its location accessible from the sea throughout history, was among the least known places in the Bodrum Peninsula until the late 1960s. With the increasing tourism activity in the peninsula, Gumusluk, which has risen at once with the discovery of wealthy people migrating from big cities, has turned into a place where many people visit even for lunch and dinner with its numerous concept fish restaurants.

While it was a village connected to Bodrum until 2014, the population of Gümüşlük, which was included in the Muğla Metropolitan borders and turned into a neighborhood with the introduction of the Metropolitan Law, is 3 thousand 855.

Where is Gümüşlük 📍

Gümüşlük is a neighborhood in the Bodrum district of Muğla, located in the Aegean Region. Located in the west of Bodrum Peninsula, on the shore of the Aegean Sea, Gümüşlük is located approximately 130 km west of the city of Muğla.

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How to get to Gumusluk 🚘

How to get to Gümüşlük by plane: The closest airport to Gümüşlük is Milas-Bodrum Airport, located in the Milas district of Muğla. The number of direct flights from Turkey and the world that the regulation of direct flights in the summer months many points Milas-Bodrum Airport is increasing.

How to get to Gümüşlük from Milas-Bodrum Airport: Milas-Bodrum Airport is 56 km from Gümüşlük. There is no direct public transportation option from the airport to Gümüşlük. After going to Bodrum Bus Terminal with MUTTAŞ and HAVAŞ services, you can reach the seaside resort by using the minibus Gümüşlük from the bus station. Options such as taxi, car rental and private transfer vehicle are among the alternatives.

How to get to Gümüşlük by car: Gümüşlük, 731 km (10 hours 50 minutes) to Ankara, 809 km (12 hours) to Istanbul, 256 km (3.5 hours) to İzmir, 583 km (6 hours 40 minutes) to Bursa and Muğla. 129 km (2 hours), 21 km (30 minutes) from Bodrum.

Transportation to Gümüşlük is provided through Bodrum district center. You can reach Gümüşlük by car by following the Gumusluk sign using the Bodrum-Turgutreis Highway.

When coming to Gümüşlük from the direction of İzmir and İstanbul, the İzmir-Aydın Highway, Söke, Milas route; When coming from Ankara direction, it is necessary to follow the route of Afyonkarahisar, Buldan, Yatağan, Milas and Bodrum.

How to get to Gümüşlük by bus: Many bus companies have direct flights to Gümüşlük and Turgutreis during the summer months. Instead of these trips that are difficult to find a place, you can first arrive in Bodrum and reach Gumusluk in 40 minutes by using the minibus from Bodrum Bus Terminal. There are regular minibus trips between Turgutreis and Gümüşlük.

How to get to Gumusluk from Bodrum: Mutual Gümüşlük-Bodrum minibus services are organized every 15-20 minutes and 24 hours from Bodrum center during the summer months. You can choose these minibuses following the Bodrum-Gümbet Junction-Konacık-Bitez Junction-Ortakent-Yahşi-Gürece-Dereköy-Peksimet-Karakaya Village-Gümüşlük Yalı Mevkii route.

Gumusluk how to get there
Gumusluk, Bodrum

Gümüşlük – History and culture 📌

Gümüşlük is known as one of the most peaceful places on the Bodrum Peninsula. You can start exploring Gümüşlük by sitting at one of the fish restaurants lined up by the sea, as many people do to enjoy the seaside resort.

Among the must-see places in Gümüşlük, which is home to the historical Greek houses in the old Karakaya Village sitting on the skirts of Bozdağ, the magnificent view of the Koyunbaba Islands, the Myndos Ancient City, where you can walk the historical King's Road in the sea, and the Windmills on the Gümüşlük-Bodrum road. .

It has a very clean beach and sea GumuslukIn addition to its rich historical heritage geography, it is a charming coastal town with nice boutique hotels and venues. Gümüşlük is actually worth exploring with its blue flag beach, fascinating sunset, festivals hosted every year, and world-renowned concerts and exhibitions.