Girls CastleIs an important neighborhood and tourism center of Erdemli district of Mersin. There are many hotels and touristic facilities in Kızkalesi, which has a great tourism density with visitors coming from Mersin and the surrounding cities in the summer period. Kızkalesi is one of the first resorts that come to mind in Mersin when it comes to sea, sand and sun tourism, with two fine sandy beaches, one 300 and the other one 200 meters long.

The sun, which does not keep its face in most of the year, is the proof of the Mediterranean atmosphere. Ancient cities, castles, cisterns, churches, aqueducts, rock tombs and stone-paved roads, structures that reflect the history of the region, in the immediate vicinity of Kızkalesi, where traces of countless civilizations have been found.

Girls Castle

Kızkalesi, which is a lively area with entertainment and shopping centers, keeps this activity at the top with many activities such as culture, tourism and sports festivals throughout the summer season.

Kizkalesi, Mersin

Girls CastleIt is a famous tourism center located in the west of Mersin, on the borders of Erdemli district. The town, which is 23 km from Erdemli and 60 km from Mersin, takes its name from the historical Kızkalesi, which is located on a small islet, one of the most important visual symbols of Mersin.

The ancient name of Kızkalesi Mahallesi, which has a rich history, is known as Corycus or Korykos. Founded by the Greeks in the 4th century BC, Corycus lived its brightest period in the Roman period. Kızkalesi, which underwent a great development in olive cultivation during the Roman rule and turned into an olive oil export center, maintained its interconnected relationship with other ancient cities in the region by regular stone roads.

Kızkalesi was an important settlement and trade center, which was under the control of Selevkos, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Armenians, French (Kingdom of Cyprus), Karamanli and Ottomans. Her brother II. Cem Sultan, the son of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, known for his throne struggle with Bayezid, stayed in Kızkalesi for a while before boarding the ship sent by the Knights of Rhodes in 1482.

Today, it is possible to come across castles, cisterns, churches, aqueducts, rock tombs, sarcophagi, stone-paved roads from all periods in the ruins in Kızkalesi with its touristic facilities, sea, beaches and restaurants. One of the most important features that make Kızkalesi such a famous place in Mersin is its magnificent beaches. One of the 300 and the other 1,200 meters long, fine sand grained beaches host thousands of vacationers in the summer.

Many festivals, events and organizations are organized in different fields such as culture, tourism, art and sports in Kızkalesi, where entertainment and shopping opportunities are developed with the effect of tourist mobility.

Girls Castle: Sea Castle

Girls Castle (Sea Castle) is a historical building in Erdemli district of Mersin, built on a small islet on the beach, becoming the symbol of the city. The castle, which gave its name to the settlement, is located on a small islet 200 meters off the land. Besides Kızkalesi Sea Castle The castle, also known by its name, was built in 1199 by the Armenian King of Cilicia, Levon I.

The northern and southern ends of Kızkalesi, which is mostly still standing, are reinforced with eight towers. The outer perimeter of the castle is 192 meters. The castle, which was built in the sea in order to take precautions against the dangers that may come from the environment due to its strategic location, is planned as a defense point to protect the second castle located on the land.

Kızkalesi legend

According to the legend, one of the kings living in Korikos begs the god day and night to have a daughter. Finally, his wish comes true. As the girl grows up, she gains the love of everyone with her beauty and charity. One day, a fortune teller comes to the castle. The king calls him to the palace and wants to learn about the future of his daughter. The fortune teller looks startled at the princess's hand, but she does not say anything.

When the King pushes lım My king will put your daughter in a snake. Nothing will spoil this fate and you will not be able to prevent it. " The king does not say anything to the girl, but she falls into thoughts. Finally, he decided to build a white stone fortress on a small islet near the shore, making the fortress built.

She closes her daughter to the castle she built. The girl, who is unaware of what is happening and is closed to the castle, gets sad and melts day by day. One day, a snake coming out of a grape basket sent from the palace to the castle stings and kills the girl.

Kizkalesi, Mersin
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Coastal Castle (Outer Castle)

Coastal CastleIt is located on the seafront, directly opposite Kızkalesi. Karakale or Outer Castle Known as such, the castle was part of the city walls built against any attack that might come from the sea and the land to the ancient city. Kızkalesi was built to support this castle. Although Kizkalesi is generally known, these castles, which were previously interconnected, form a dual system.

When you come to Kızkalesi, definitely see the beauty of Adamkayalar, which is carved into the rocky slope rising in Şeytanderesi Valley, 10 km north of the castle. Other historical places you can visit in the region include Kanlıdivane, Olba Ancient City, Uzuncaburç, Narlıkuyu Mosaic Museum, Aya Tekla Church and Silifke Historical Stone Bridge.

Girls Castle entrance fee and visit information

🗺 Address: Kızkalesi Mahallesi, Erdemli, Mersin
📲 ☎️ 0 (324) 2319618
Kızkalesi visiting hours: Kızkalesi, in the summer period (1 April – 1 October) 09.00–19.00; It is open to visitors between 08:30 and 17:00 in the winter period (October 1 – April 1). The castle is open to visitors 7 days a week. (The sea fortress is open to visitors, the outer castle is closed to visitors)
🔐 Kızkalesi entrance fee: Kızkalesi entrance fee is 10TL. Museum Card is valid.

How to get to Kizkalesi 🚘

Kızkalesi is 23 km from Erdemli and 60 km from Mersin. The nearest airport to Kızkalesi is 141 km away. You can easily reach Kızkalesi by buses that run between Mersin and Silifke. Since it is located on Mersin-Antalya Highway, all vehicles using the road on the coastline pass through Kızkalesi. The sea fortress of Kızkalesi is reached by using the fishing engines on the shore.

Girls CastleIs one of the most famous historical places of Mersin, the city that stands out with its historical and natural beauties of the Mediterranean coastline. Kızkalesi, which has a magnificent view especially at sunset, is the most vivid witness in the history of the region with the legends told about it and the wars for its sake.